Repair Sagging Doors

Have you ever seen a saggy garage door? There are a couple of main reasons why a garage door would be saggy. The first reason could be that the door is a wooden garage door and the weather has caused it to sag, at which point the garage door should be replaced, since there really is no way to fix a garage door with heavy decay and weather damage.

The most common reason a garage door will sag is a door that has been bumped or hit in the past which can, over time cause sagging. How do you repair this type of saggy door?  Well depending on how long the garage door has been in decline, the door may be salvageable. Usually there will be visible, sometimes hairline cracks that cause the door to sag. When this is the case it is smart to call out a garage door repair company because they can add a strut to the door and stop it from sagging. The additional weight of the strut will require a torsion spring adjustment on the garage door, and this is key to continued successful operation. If you do not do this, the gears in the garage door opener will quickly wear out.  In many cases you will find cracks in more than one panel before the homeowner has realized it is sagging. In this case it would be prudent to add at least two struts.

The longer the door the more likely it is to sag in the middle. On a eight foot garage door, usually on a third car garage, it is pretty common for the top panel to sag. What happens is that inexperienced garage door companies come out and install an opener and never install a strut.  This is a huge mistake because then the J-bar that connects the opener to the door is only pulling from the center of the door. The mechanism that the opener is pulling from is called the “style”. The style is only held onto the panel by two small rivets. A strut helps to pull the door from every part of the panel so the top panel does not start to sag.

Having a saggy garage door is never a fun time. Sometimes it is better to simply replace the entire garage door when this occurs. Many people try to repair a really damaged garage door which can be even more costly than replacing the garage door itself. The problem about fixing an older door is that there are so many other components that can fail right after the repair is done. Some of these components include the springs, cables, rollers, and bearing plates. It’s a wise practice to just do the right thing and make a phone call to a recommended garage door repair company to evaluate the situation. You will find that an honest garage door repair service company will repair the door if at all possible.