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Amarr Garage DoorsAmarr Garage Doors is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of garage door systems in the world. Amarr services both residential and commercial buildings of all types with a wide variety of options to choose from. They have 14 different residential lines featuring carriage house, wood and steel designs. Amarr Garage Doors is a trusted brand by over 3,000 independent and leading retailers around the world. After being in business for more than 60 years and employing more than 1,000 people, Amarr has truly become a trusted brand.

For those looking for a traditional style garage door, the company has four different style options, all made from low-maintenance, high quality steel. The Heritage offers a very classic look that is both heavy duty and very appealing. The Olympus again offers a very versatile look, but has the most superior energy efficiency of any door in the traditional lineup. The Stratford offers a similar look to the Olympus, but at a more attractive price point. And of course there is the Lincoln, which is the greatest value for any traditional door offered by Amarr.

Another option that many people are turning to these days is the carriage house style door. However, most people cannot practically have a door that opens in that style. Fortunately, Amarr Garage Doors makes doors with the look and feel of a vintage carriage house door, but the functionality of an up and down door. There are six different styles of carriage doors to choose from in their collection. The Biltmore, for instance, offers that classic estate look with a distinguished natural beauty and elegance that is hard to match. Or the Hillcrest, which offers that highly desirable carriage door look at a great value. And, if none of the ready made options suit the specific needs of your home, there is the option of being able to customize your own garage door with Amarr by Design. This allows you the ability to have a completely unique door that is truly your own.

amarr vista garage doorAnyone looking for something a little more modern or perhaps just different, there are several different specialty options that are offered. The Vista offers a very contemporary look for the modern home made with many different glass options and with a distinctly slick look. Also, many garage doors have the wood look, but you can’t really beat the real thing. For those that want an actual wood door, there is the Trento by Silvlox. These stylishly crafted wooden doors will surely be one of the defining aspects of your home.

As mentioned, Amarr doesn’t only handle residential garage doors, but they also specialize in a range of commercial doors as well. Be it a commercial building, a mall or a baseball stadium, Amarr has a lot of options that can suit any project and budget.

All Amarr garage doors come with a warranty, many with a lifetime warranty, which is a statement that suits the brand itself. So for your next door, have a look at Amarr Garage Doors.