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The contemporary style garage door is extremely versatile. It projects a sense of affluence without being ostentatious. It is appropriate for a wide variety of architectural style homes, but is normally associated with the modern style home. A contemporary style garage door installed in your garage indicates you have good taste and can afford to indulge it.

The contemporary style of garage door is known by an exterior that is either very plain, decorated with alternating horizontal strips of metal and wood, or a design consisting of glass panes trimmed in metal. The plain, contemporary-style garage door are usually made of wood, or metal. The contemporary-style, wood garage doors can give your home that warm, luxurious look that is so appealing. The contemporary-style, metal garage doors are usually steel or copper. A plain, unpainted steel door provides a look of strength, while a copper door, when aged to a protective patina, provides a kind of classic beauty. The contemporary-style, glass garage doors are glass panels framed in either steel or aluminum, and are used much of the time to display the contents of a garage, such as a collection of cars, although they can be had in a variety of opaque, colored glass that fills your garage with a suffused light of your favorite color.

The contemporary style of garage door comes in so many varieties to compliment almost any architectural style of home, although the modern home style is probably best suited for it. Since there are so many options, it is a good idea to get the opinion of a professional designer/decorator. Most contemporary style doors are not inexpensive, so you do not want to choose something inappropriate and have to replace it at additional expense.

glass-doorThe pros and cons of contemporary style garage doors are probably not too important to those affluent enough to afford the very best, and those are usually the people who buy them. Probably the most appealing features of the contemporary style are its understated elegance, and its ability to project an unobtrusive sense of wealth. Two drawbacks to contemporary style garage doors are price and maintenance. The purchase price is usually moderate to high, mainly because of the materials used in their manufacture. Installation costs are above that of the average garage door, again because of the heavy materials they are made of, which requires the use of heavier trucks to transport them, and forklifts to unload and help install them. Maintenance costs can be high. Again, the reason is the materials they are made of. Many are wood, which requires frequent maintenance in the form of painting, staining, or varnishing yearly. It is also inadvisable to attempt repairs yourself because the weight of the materials requires special machinery to handle the door. Professional help is a must.

So, you have reached a stage in life where you can afford an exceptionally nice home, and you want a stylish contemporary garage door to compliment it. Go for it. It really will be a good investment. What else could you do to enhance your garage?