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liftmaster logoLiftMaster boasts a leading role in the garage door opener marketplace and has held that position for almost half a decade, leading the industry in innovation, quality and safety for over 45 years.

In days gone by garage door openers were considered a luxury, but as our lives have become busier, more than 70% of homeowners’ primary entrance point is through the garage door, making garage door openers an indispensable piece of equipment to install for most everyone.

LiftMaster is proud to partner with a nationwide network of authorized dealers to help customers navigate the often complicated world of garage door openers and accessories.  Each LiftMaster opener is backed by a comprehensive LiftMaster guarantee which offers homeowners peace of mind that their LiftMaster product will operate safely and effectively.

Innovative products are something that LiftMaster works hard to develop. With their durable and powerful P3 Motors™, patented battery backup systems and their MyQ® Technology products, customers can be assured that LiftMaster will have a solution for any residential or business situation.

P3 Motors

Every LiftMaster garage door opener comes with a motor designed to provide maximum performance, durability and power, ensuring the safe and efficient opening of the garage door every time it is used.

Battery Backup

Every homeowner has or will at some point be stranded outside of their home due to a power outage rendering most garage door openers inoperable. LiftMaster patented an exclusive battery backup system, which, with their power management system, ensures that the opener will still operate as normal even when there is no power going to the unit.

MyQ garage door controller

My Q® Technology

Even if you don’t have a LiftMaster garage door opener, the LiftMaster range of accessories enables you to monitor your major branded garage door opener or automatic gate system from any computer, smart phone or tablet while on the go. This system comes with the ability to set up alerts when your garage door opens or closes, and even close the door and turn on lights remotely! It’s easy to set up by connecting it to your in-home internet router.

Access Control Systems

In addition to a multitude of accessories, LiftMaster also offers products which can control any access point. Whether for your home or a gated community, you can choose keypads, card readers or the dwellingLIVE visitor management system to help set up specialized access levels to gates doors and other entry points.

Whatever your garage or entry needs, take a look at LiftMaster’s wide range of products today!

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